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Porsche Series Articles
Following are the Articles for the Pirelli New Zealand Porsche Series for 2020 / 2021.

Pirelli Porsche NZ Race Championship - Governing Articles

Pirelli Porsche NZ Race Championship - Technical Regulations

Pirelli Porsche NZ Race Championship - Registration Form


1) Race Calendar: The following is Calendar for the 2020-2021 race season. This year, all the PPNZC rounds will be in the North Island. The Race Series now incorporates a mixture of one day and two day events, Endurance Race Rounds, combined Trackday participation and a separate new Class for Boxsters. The calendar for the 2020-2021 race season is as follows:

2) Sponsors. This season we have the following sponsors: Pirelli, EML and Kensway.

3) Race Format: The race format will be the same as the 2019-2020 season.

  • 4) Boxster Class. We have a new Boxster type F Class and are expecting in excess of fi ve cars in this Class this season. Aft er much testing and driving a variety of models, Cam McCormack and LM Motors have been the leaders in establishing the rules for this Class, thereby ensuring that this Class remains competitive and low cost.

5) Only Classes A, B, C, D, E and F will be eligible for Motorsport NZ (National) Championship

  • Points: No attendance points will be allocated this season.
  • No qualifying points will be allocated this season.
  • The endurances races will be allocated points, as if they were sprint races.
  • Class Cups will be awarded to each Class.
  • An Enduro Cup will be presented to the competitor who gains the most overall points in the three endurance rounds, Classes A–F
  • and Open A & B will be eligible.

6) Race Classes: There will be eight race Classes based on car specifi cation. Cars that are entered in to the Race Series, which are outside of these typical car classes, will be assessed and placed in appropriate class at the discretion of the Race Committee.

  • Open A Class is for modifi ed rear-engine and mid-engine water-cooled cars. (Modified 991.1 GT3 Cup, modifi ed 997 GT3 Cup, modified 996 GT3 Cup, GT3 Cup R, GT3 RSR, 991.2 GT3 Cup, Turbo, Cayman and Boxster cars).
  • Open B Class is for modifi ed front engine rear wheel and rear engine air-cooled cars (Modified 993, 964, 911 pre 1990, modified 944 and 968).
  • Class A (991.1 GT3 Cup, this is standard Porsche Carrera Cup specification, with the only modifi cation allowed is ABS)
  • Class B (997 GT3 Cup, 996 GT2, limited modifi cation, no engine modification)
  • Class C (996 GT3 Cup and Cayman GT4 Clubsport, limited modifi cation, no engine modification)
  • Class D (911, 993, 964, Boxster and Cayman that do not fi t into Class E)
  • Class E (944S2, 911)
  • Class F Boxster (2.5 and 2.7)
  • Limited Modifi cations are typically defined as: ABS, paddle shift , aero dive planes and gurney flap and suspension. The following items are required to remain standard: gearbox, diff, ECU and engine. These requirements will be defi ned in the Series Articles.
  • Open will include cars with engine performance enhancement, turbo, altered exhaust, gearbox, aero etc.
  • Class A specifi cation has been determined to align the Pirelli Porsche Race Series with other worldwide one make Porsche Series, such as the Carrera Cup, Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge and GT3 Trophy. There are numerous 991.1 GT3 Cup cars in both the North and South Island and these are now becoming available from Australian and Asia Carrera Cups. The Race Committee want these cars to be able to compete without costly upgrades.

7) Race Rules: The race rules are consistent with last season. They are written to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

8) Porsche Championship and Class points and awards: will only be awarded to cars that have a Porsche body, Porsche gearbox and a Porsche engine.

9) Series Entry: a competitor must be a financial PCNZ member and have paid the PCNZ series entrance fee of $300. This Series Entry Fee assists in series management, event garaging or marquees. The Series Entry Fee will also include a series polo shirt, garaging at each round, a driver display board and lunch at some of the rounds. If required further shirts can be supplied to supports or pit crew at a low cost. A single round Series fee is set at $100 and incorporates the above, but excludes the series shirt and sign board.

10) Each Round Entry Fee: will be $500, for Classes Open, A-D or $400 for Classes E and F.

11) South Island Competitors Support: The Pirelli Porsche NZ Championship would like to off er some assistance to help South Island drivers to attend the series. Assistance will be provided by way of a one time return Ferry crossing cost. The Pirelli Porsche series will pay for a crossing in each direction up to a return total value of $680.

12) As per last season, Pirelli will be the control brand tyre. The slick tyre compound will be DMC (medium), the wet tyre is the hard compound. For Classes E and F, the tyre will be the Dot rated Trofeo R.

13) Please feel free to contact the Race Series Committee by emailing us at




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