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Sunday, 18 April 2021

In keeping with our Dear Leader’s fervent exhortations to visit our own backyard first, we present to you, another opportunity to keep alive and successful, the small businesses of rural New Zealand. 

The Store at Kekerengu has a fantastic outdoor lunch area,  a great menu and some nice beach walking to work off lunch if you so desire.   For a change, the Nelsonians can enjoy a drive over the Whangamoas to Blenheim, to meet up with the Blenheimers at the Blenheim Railway Station and Information Centre at 11:20 am.  From there Deane will lead the group 55 minutes South through Seddon and Ward to Kekerengu on the Kaikoura Coast. The drive has only one section of road works, and the rest of the coastal run is all 100kmhr… Mad if you don’t, so get the Porsche out of the garage on Sunday 18 April!

Nelsonians will meet at the Peace Grove (Northern) Carpark on SH 6 (just past the SH6 /Trafalgar St roundabout) at 0945 for a 1000 departure to arrive in Blenheim around 1120. (Remember the speed limits in the Whangamoa Hills).

 Blenheimites will be arriving at the Blenheim Railway Station carpark at 11:20 for an 1130 departure and easy cruise to Kekerengu via Seddon.   The Store is approximately a one hour drive South of Blenheim on SH 1.   This event is pay as you go.

RSVP: Numbers are needed for the restaurant so please email Deane at  before Friday midday, with the names of those attending.  Guests are welcome.  Phone (027) 588 8424 if you have any questions. 

Remember, you are saving New Zealand business from economic ruin by attending this event.  Do your bit for your country!! See you on Sunday 18th!!

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