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By Nigel Caigou

Introduction and history
The Rennsport Gruppe (RSG) commenced in Auckland late in 2012, started by a bunch of Porsche enthusiasts (predominately PCNZ members) who thought it would be fun to meet up and do a track day together. The emphasis is on being a play day and not a race day. Some five and a half years later we are 83 members strong and drive fast and fair at as many track days as we can, from Pukekohe Raceway to Teratonga and everywhere in between.

Cars and people
Great friendships have been forged over the years and so it’s more about sharing what we love to do best with other like-minded people. Whilst most of the cars are Porsches, it’s more about the people than the cars, so all car types are welcome.

Behaviour and insurance
Over the years we have developed a sound relationship with race track organisers and insurance companies. Most of us are insured with a small number of insurance companies who cover our vehicles whilst on the track as long as we comply with their rules; simply put, we give each other room and only pass on the straights under acceleration and not under braking into corners.

Porsche race series Feeder group 
In the RSG people are learning how to drive better, exploring what their car is capable of, getting to know the race tracks and doing all of this in relative safety. Consequently most of the new race car drivers in the Porsche series have emerged from the RSG; typically in 944s and Boxsters (commencing this year). 

Having lost some of our regular drivers to the Porsche race series, and with others having moved out of Auckland, it means that we have openings for people to join us at our track days. Please contact the writer for further information if this looks like it could be you email:


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