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75 Years of Porsche
Officially approved Porsche Club 54

By Don Harrison      

It all started with a picture. A picture of a car that I had no idea as to what it was. I kept going back and back and back, having another look and another look. For some reason I couldn’t let it go. There was something about the simplistic beauty, form and function melded together in such a way I had never seen before. I didn’t know what brand it was or what engine it ran or in fact any of the engineering criteria, I just liked the style and the curves. There was something going on here that I didn’t understand.

Casual curiosity was going to turn into fatal attraction, quite quickly! Now this is not normal behaviour for me, as I have had many cars but never really fell in love with any of them. I then found out what it was and then the floodgates opened. OMG. I had an itch that needed to be scratched. Google to the rescue. I needed still more info’. So, off to Ellerslie to the car show to have a look in the flesh. Once my eyes came to fully bear upon these beauties it all became clear.