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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Annual General Meeting: 4th July at 7 pm.

This is our annual formal meeting which will include the President’s report on the year, presentation of the financial statements, the election of the new Committee and any general business relating to the Club.  If you are interested in how the Club is run then this is a forum for you to attend.

Due to the events that have occurred this year, the Club will hold the AGM electronically with all current members being given the chance to remote dial-in and attend.  We intend to use Google Meet and will provide you with the link so that you can sign in when appropriate.  We will complete a test run the week prior to ensure the functionality of the meeting.

We are asking for registrations of interest as this is required for the link to be distributed and to gauge numbers.

Why not get a few members together, dial-in once and learn how the Club is managed.

Registrations closed.

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