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 Sunday, 21 May 2023

Porsche driver training is something the Porsche Club has historically provided in some form. However, with increased safety regulations with potential liability risks, and the increased costs of track hire, the Club has decided to engage specialist driver training companies to provide expert and professional driver training.

We have now finalised the dates and prices with TrackTime Driving Academy, a specialist driver training company to provide level 1 driver training specifically to Porsche Club members and their families at Taupo.

Level 1 driver training is for those who have never had any formal driver training before. It will include mainly practical on track driving experience with also some theoretical classroom training. The practical exercises will not require wearing a helmet, nor a driving suit.

The days are designed to be interesting and fun and young drivers on restricted licenses are also welcome.

Benefits of the Level 1 driver training include:

  • It will teach you how to drive your Porsche more safely. You will get to appreciate and understand the limits of technology and driving skills. It will allow you to assess and overcome potential hazards and emergency situations, avoiding such risks from the start.
  • It will teach you how to handle your Porsche to best effect and make driving it even more enjoyable.
  • If you want to drive your Porsche in a sportier way on the track, then driver training is a requirement for insurance.

Although designed with driving Porsches in mind, you can use another car, although preferably with ABS braking. So, for example, you can have a family member who wants to drive their own car, even if it is not a Porsche. But the driver will need to be a Porsche Club or family member to participate. It is possible for up to three family members to drive the same car on the day. However, the registration fee applies separately to each family member.

The event is on a weekend so that it is available to anyone in the North Island who wants to drive to Taupo and make a weekend of it.

The registration fees have been subsidised by Star Insurance. Star Insurance is the major insurer of cars used on track days in NZ, and that insurance cover comes as part of the normal annual insurance premium.

When: Sunday, May 21; from 9.30 until 4pm.

Cost: $450 per person. Closing date for registrations Wednesday May 17.

There may be a surcharge for family members if they are over 18, depending on the final registration numbers.

TrackTime Cancellations terms are: •

  • More than 12 working day prior to event -full refund 
  • 10-12 working days prior to event: 50% refund. 
  • Less than 10 working days prior to event no refund.

The number of possible participants to each event is limited, so register soon to ensure that you don’t miss out.

We will send out more information nearer the date with directions to the venue, and timings on the day.

For any questions call Ron Stroeven on 021 831 500

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