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Sunday, 11 October 2020

Club members are invited to participate in a Hampton Downs track day based on the ‘Play Day’ format. We will be using the 2.7km National Circuit.

Who can Participate?

To participate you simply need:

  • to be a club member
  • to have a driver’s license
  • a helmet (which can be rented from Hamptons Downs directly)
  • racing overalls (which can be rented from Hamptons Downs directly)
  • a neck brace (which can be rented from Hamptons Downs directly) or HANS device if you have a caged car and using racing belts
  • to complete an indemnity form.

No race licenses or extinguishers are required. 

What Cars can Participate?

All road worthy cars including:

  • All Boxster and Targa models
  • 944 (or similar) race cars are welcome to enter ( please email if you are wanting to participate with a race car prior to entering)

Unfortunately, the Hampton Downs regulations preclude the inclusion of cabriolets other than Boxsters, Targas and late 911 Cabriolet models vehicles with factory rollover protection (996 or newer).  Any other cabriolet requires a roll cage to comply.

What is the Programme for the Day?

Members will be allocated into groups of up to 15 cars. The groups will be set to ensure drivers with similar experience and speed are grouped together. There will be 3 groups so you will have 30 mins rest between sessions.

Cars leave the pits in single file at approximately two-second intervals and each session is 15 minutes long. Cars can circulate at any speed (i.e. as fast as you wish to go), but overtaking will be limited to certain points on the track (and there will be rules around no overtaking under braking or through corners).

Programme for the day:

  • Registration – 8.00-8.30 am
  • Drivers Briefing – 8.30-8.45 am
  • Familiarisation laps 8.45 am – 9.00 am
  • The first session – 9.00-9.45 am (3 groups x 15min)
  • The second session – 9.45 am–10.30 am
  • The third session – 10.30 am–11.15 am
  • The fourth session – 11.15 am-12.00 noon
  • Day finishes – 12.00 noon

The fine print:

  • Groups will be run under Hampton Downs rules, so will comply with Prestigio and Swann Insurance requirements for track day cover, however, you are advised to notify your Insurance company of your participation in the event.
  • NO TIMING is allowed on the day.

To participate the DRIVER needs:

  • to be a club member
  • to have a driver’s licence
  • to have completed an individual indemnity form
  • to have ensured all passengers have also completed individual indemnity forms.


Track Day Registration $325 per driver.

Gear Hire to be paid directly to Hampton Downs on the day:

  • Helmet Hire: $30
  • Racing Overalls: $30
  • Neck Brace: $20

Any queries please contact Paul Miller - 021 752 245 or email

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